Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Relishing Motherhood

I posted this on my old blog more than a year ago. I think it's just fitting for it to be my first post here on my Mommy Diaries.

Relishing Motherhood

I do not have adequate words to express how happy I am as a mom. This is probably one aspect of my life I do not have complaints about. I was first afraid that I might not be cut for the role but now I just try to relish each moment. Seeing my little angel achieve milestones makes me so proud – the first time he crawled, his first step, first word, first time he called me mommy, and a whole lot of firsts. It is touching to see his big smile each day and how he seems to be glad to see me, his loving hugs and kisses, his eyes that sparkle with joy and love, and to hear his cute little voice saying, “I love you, mommy”. Priceless!

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